Becky's Botanicals has two new Holiday essential oil sprays available! Just a little goes a long way!

Holiday Wishes is a traditional smelling cinnamon, orange, clove, vanilla spicy scent that will

remind you of Grandma's kitchen back in the good ole days! Try some today!!!

Yuletide Cheer is more remnant of a trek into the piney woods on a chilly evening to find and cut

that perfect Christmas tree! With it's pine needle, wintergreen and peppermint base, it's sure to

please the olfactory senses around the Christmas tree and in the living area of your home!

Remember, a little goes along way, so enjoy your best smelling holiday season yet! And....

Merry Christmas!!!

2 oz bottle "Holiday Wishes" $6.00 shipped


4 oz bottle "Holiday Wishes" $10.00 shipped


2 oz bottle "Yuletide Cheer" $6.00 shipped


4 oz bottle "Yuletide Cheer" $10.00 shipped