Dear Spicy Food Fans:

Welcome to the Hillbilly Hellfire section of Becky's Botanicals! Yes, we also make hot sauce!

It's very spicy, but not overwhelmingly so, and the flavor is intense as well. Our all natural

hot sauce contains water, vinegar, hot peppers (Ghost, Carolina Reaper and Tabasco),

tomato paste, salt, and Xanthan gum for thickening.

The heat and flavor is fast and intense, but not so hot it makes the average spicy food lover

uncomfortable (for long anyway!!!) The afterburn is not overly lingering, so after consuming,

you can get on with your life in short order.

The 5oz bottle of Hillbilly Hellfire hot sauce is just $10.50 shipped, that's right... like the

rest of our fine products, shipping is always free!

Try some today! Great in soups, chili, on omeletes, anywhere you'd like a few drops of

spice added to your life!

Order some today!!!