Here is the Pain Away Spray pain relief blend. This is an all natural blend of essential oils that are

definitely pain relievers mixed with carrier oils of coconut and sweet almond, as well as some

pure witch hazel. This spray oil is quickly absorbed by the skin after rubbing in and relief is

just moments away and lasts for hours. Usually two applications a day with 2-3 pumps of the

spray bottle does the trick. Order a 2oz bottle for occasional pain relief and use as needed,

or the larger 4oz bottle for daily use which will last a month or more with average daily application.

Pain Away Spray 2oz bottle

Pain Away Spray 4oz bottle

For best results, shake well before using, hold spray bottle 2-3 inches from affected area and

spray 3 pumps with the mist sprayer, then immediately rub into affected area of joint or

muscle/tendon pain. Do not use on open wounds, cuts abrasions, etc. This is not a first aid

type spray. We hope to develop one soon though!