Our new Relax It's Ok Spray is just what the aromatherapy doctor ordered! Tough day at

work? Frustrations got you wanting to do some deep breathing? Soothe your body and

mind with Relax It's Ok Spray! This delightful blend of pure, all natural essential oils will

have you fretting less and less as you breathe it in. We like to spray it around the living

area and in the bedrooms of the house. You can even spray some on you and your clothing,

your pillows, your chairs. Wherever you're planning on relaxing. It's even a great scent for

spraying in your vehicle as an air refresher! Try some today and soon we'll have it available

in an inhaler tube so you can take it with you wherever you go!

Relax It's Ok Spray 2oz spray

Relax It's Ok Spray 4oz spray